Those Darlins

Debuted: June 29th, 2009

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“Hung Up On Me”

My dad used to imitate Lily Tomlin as the operater on Laugh-In. Whenever someone would call he would just count the rings "One ringy dingy, 2 Ringy Dingy" and so on- He refused to answer the phone! This song is a breakup song that revolves around the ridiculousness of arguing with someone over the phone.

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Those Darlins

Debuted: June 29th, 2009

Well Nashville, here we are. Another great band - Those Darlins - is poised to break out of our fertile rock and roll scene and into the ears and onto the lips of all the important tastemakers and journalistic types from sea to sea. We've been here before, haven't we? But this time... well, this time it somehow feels different. Maybe it's the feeling that the "Nashville Curse" has been lifted. Y'all know the legend, right? No?

OK, so back in the early 80's, Jason & The Nashville Scorchers, with that oh so elusive major label recording contract dangling just out of reach, had to omit our fair city's name from its moniker. Becoming Jason & The Scorchers pleased the beancounters. In doing so, these proto-country punks sealed the fate for every Nashville-based rock and roll act to come thereafter: never breaking out onto a national radar, despite huge local & regional fan bases, label deals gone sour, glass ceilings and so on. Well, that's how the legend goes at least.

Of course, the success of acts like Kings of Leon, Paramore & Be Your Own Pet (RIP) and the fact that rock heavyweights like Jack White, Brendan Benson & Ben Folds now call Nashville home seems to have lifted this evil cloud and cleared our musical skies. But has it? Really? It can be argued that KoL, Paramore & BYOP all found success either through heavyweight industry connections or nepotism, bypassing the Nashville's indie ghetto altogether. Maybe they just sidestepped the curse and it still looms in the rolling foothills of Middle Tennessee.

Well all this supernatural mumbo-jumbo matters not to Those Darlins, a trio of brash, young, and unapologetically Southern gals ready to break through into the nation's collective stereo. During their formative period, they were a Music Row wet dream, the type of act that country music industry beasts hunger for, the type of act that could be shaped and formed into a watered-down, gussied-up hit making menace. Those Darlins wisely held their heads high and walked away, choosing to stay true to their art.

And it's looking to be a wise move on their part. Through their own hard work and the efforts of the righteously independent team at Thirty Tigers, Those Darlins were one of the few buzz-worthy bands at this year's SXSW and a slew of positive press has preceded their debut eponymous LP. Those Darlins is a quick blast of fuzzed-out guitars and sugary three-part harmonies that could only come from the South... hell, that could only come from Tennessee. It's a record that can get the hipsters from Williamsburg shuckin' and the meth heads in Appalachia jivin'.

-Joe Baine Colvert